Our Company 

Dryscape is a landscape design and build company with over 15 years of experience in the Bay Area.  We created this company as an offshoot of Zenscape to specifically address the changing demands of our California climate.  With experience, we have found that drought tolerant gardens can be vibrant, lush, and enduring.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients create beautiful, responsible, and sustainable gardens in today's changing climate.  We also convert conventional gardens into sustainable landscapes and create systems that recycle water.  Climate Change demands we make changes now--and landscape is the first place to start.   Local agencies such as EBMUD have issued 4 emergency water conservation requirements-- which all have to do with landscape.  We are thrilled that Dryscape has the greatest potential to help our communities reduce water consumption in the Bay Area.  We feel fortunate to work in a field which can greatly help reduce water use, and we love that we get to be creative and bring beauty to peoples' lives in the process.  

Our Changing Climate 

We are in our fourth year of sever drought in California.  In response to the worsening drought in California, the Governor issued an executive order on April 2015 that calls for a 25 percent reduction in potable urban water use. Please click on our blog below for more information on climate change, updates, and local rebates for landscape conservation, whether transforming one's garden to a drought friendly landscape, updating one's irrigation, applying mulch, and more.