Recycling water in our gardens is another exciting new way homeowners can directly make an impact with water conservation. Currently, there are two systems that have increasingly gotten attention: laundry to landscape, and rain catchment systems.  Updating one's yard drainage system allows natural runoff and also helps with water conservation.    

coutesy of Urban Farmer 


Laundry to Landscape 

Recycle laundry water to your garden.  Keep your garden green during the drought with water you would otherwise send to a sewage plant.   No permit needed.

We offer these conversions, and kits are available for DIY.


Recycling Rainwater 

We offer a variety of rain catchment systems for recycling water to your garden, washing your car, and other uses.  


Recycling Garden Water with Permeable Drainage

We convert conventional landscape drainage systems to allow natural runoff, and put water back into the soil verses water being carried away to a treatment plant, and eventually the Bay.