Garden Conversion 

Dryscape converts conventional gardens to drought friendly gardens.  A typical garden conversion can be converting one's lawn, or conventional landscape, into sustainable landscape and/or a rock garden.   Currently, Marin and the East Bay are offering conversion rebates for landscape.  Please see our blog page for more information.




Irrigation Conversion

Drip irrigation systems can conserve 65% more water than conventional high pressure systems.  It is common for many older irrigation systems to leak underground without notice.  A drip irrigation system is designed with each individual plant given a specific emitter according to its watering needs.  Conventional irrigation timers are also being replaced with smart controllers which can measure waterfall and climate conditions, and adjust accordingly. Submeters also help detect leaks and also improve irrigation management.  Rebates in some counties are also available for various irrigation conversions.


Saving water is just one of the many benefits of applying mulch to your landscape. Some call mulch a "sustainable gardener’s best friend." It is made up of organic material like shredded or chipped tree bark. A three-inch layer of mulch spread over bare soil will enhance the health of your garden in many ways, including: retention of soil moisture, moderation of soil temperature, suppression of water-stealing weeds, improvement of soil texture as the mulch breaks down, and nourishment of beneficial soil organisms by the organic matter.  There are mulch coupons and rebates for mulch use in some Bay Area counties.