Besides designing and building drought friendly gardens, and offering other landscape conversion services, we also offer onsite design and consultation.  Dryscape has additional services listed below.      

Additional Services


Design and Consultation

Dryscape offers onsite design and consultations services.  Get help on your project from a professional designer and experienced contractor.  During the consultation, we will look at ways to help with water conservation and make recommendations.  Frequently, we offer money saving tips and can outline the process for DIY (do it yourself) if interested.  After hearing your vision and understanding your needs we can offer onsite sketches and later submit a proposal if interested in the possibility of working together.  If we decide to later work together, we subtract the initial site consultation fee from the overall project.  We also offer CAD drawings and specific painting plans for an additional fee. 


LED Landscape Lighting 

LED lighting allows us to use the garden at night and highlights its beauty from inside as well.  We use a combination of pathlights, uplights, and cafe lights depending on the desired effect.  LED lighting allows our clients to keep operations costs less than 90% of what it used to be just a few years ago.   We use products that deliver a nice, subtle warm glow. 


Irrigation Conversion

Our gardens do not require irrigation.  But all new plantings will require hand watering until established.  We offer irrigation conversions to a drip system when appropriate to help clients start conversing water immediately.   

Drip irrigation systems can conserve 65% more water than conventional high pressure systems.  It is common for many older irrigation systems to leak underground without notice.  A drip irrigation system is designed with each individual plant given a specific emitter according to its watering needs.  Conventional irrigation timers are also being replaced with smart controllers which can measure rain and climate conditions and adjust accordingly. Submeters also help detect leaks and also improve irrigation management.  Rebates in some counties are available for various irrigation conversions.




We build wood decks, fences, benches and custom planters.  We try to use sustainable and recycled wood whenever possible.    


Edible Gardens

As water may become more scarce with our changing climate, we also see the value of building a personal, edible garden for interested clients.  We are especially excited about including edible planters for clients who see the value in bringing back "victory gardens".  Thankfully not for a war, but unfortunately for drought.  We have found that having a small edible garden reconnects us with nature, helps creates a sense of interdependence,  and rekindles awareness and responsibility.   Growing delicious food is rewarding in itself as well.  


Fire Features

We design custom, propane fire features for warmth and ambiance.   Our carpenters can also create a custom, hardwood top to convert the fire feature into a coffee table.